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Cook Farm Kennels is located in Brown Summit, North Carolina.  We specialize in PURE European working line 

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.  Although many of our dogs may end up in Law Enforcement or Sport competitions, they also make excellent family companions.

Our adult dogs have European bloodlines and have certified hips.  They are also titled in Tracking, Obedience and Protection.  This is very important as this shows the temperament of the dog.

Our goal at Cook Farm Kennels is to always carefully select each breeding with the goal of improving the breed.  The health and temperament of the dog's is extremely important to us.

All of our puppies come with full AKC registration are vaccinated, wormed, and micro-chipped.  

German Shepherds

Life Span- 9-13 years

Origin- Germany

Temperament- Active, Loyal, Protective,

Highly Intelligent and Obedient

Height-Males- 24-26 inches          Females- 22-24 inches

Weight- Males- 66-88 lbs.              Females- 49-71 lbs.

Most Common Colors- Black, Sable, Black & Tan

and Black& Red

Coat- Long and Short Haired


All of our adults have excellent blood lines, have certified hips and elbows, have health screenings, and are AKC registered.  All puppies come with a full AKC registration , are vaccinated, wormed, and microchipped.  We also offer a written health/hip guarantee. It is important for us to breed dogs that are healthy and have good temperaments.



Life Span- 12-14  years

Origin- Malines Belgian

Temperament- Active, Protective, Alert, Hardworking and Confident

Height- Males- 24-26 inches           

        Females- 22-24 inches

Weight- Males-64-75 lbs.                  

   Females- 55-66 lbs.

Color- Mahogany, Black Masked, Fawn and Tan

Coat- Short Haired

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