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Bonnie Mabre

Bonnie Mabre

Czech Import

IPO-1 Titled

Hips-Excellent Certified

Bonnie is direct import from the Czech Republic.  She is extremely social and is great with children.  She is a hard worker and a great family companion. Bonnie is an excellent mother to her pups,  She is very intelligent and well rounded.


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Balto van Cootplein (Manus)

  • Holland Import

  • IPO1, IPO2 A, IPO3 A

  • A-NORMAL Hips and Elbows

  • KNPV PH1 Djac

  • KNPV Sheilla van Cootplein

We at Cook Farm Kennels are very grateful to Vom Haus Hall for providing us with such a fine male to breed our Bonnie with. Here's what they have to say. -


"Balto is a direct import from Holland. He is a large male with outstanding structure and a very large head. His temperament is probably one of the best we have ever seen in a German Shepherd male. He does well in the house and is very social. We are not afraid to take him anywhere as he is very level headed. On the working field he is what we expect of a dog with his pedigree. Very tough and fearless. We are proud to have him in our breeding program and we have had, and expect great offspring out of Balto."

-Owner Vom Haus Hall

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