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Our Females

Bonnie Mabre

Czech Import

IPO-1 Titled

Hips-Excellent Certified

Bonnie is direct import from the Czech Republic.  She is extremely social and is great with children.  She is a hard worker and a great family companion. Bonnie is an excellent mother to her pups,  She is very intelligent and well rounded.


Meka Vom Haus Cook

Meka is our 15 month old German Shepherd. She has a beautiful coat and is very playful. Meka was breed in Czech Republic and born here in the United States. We are very happy that she has joined our team. She became fast friends  with our Belgian Malinois, Rouge. It's been great to see her grow with us and we expect beautiful, social puppy's from her.

Iva Vom Haus Hall "Xena"

Owner: Micaela Cook

Iva Vom Haus Hall (Xena) is a beautiful, 70 pound, bi-color female with a great personality. She is the daughter of Balto van Cootplein and Demi Sitnik who are owned by our good friend, Birgit Hall owner of Vom Haus Hall (Alert K-9). Xena is a sweet, lovable inside dog that is full of life and energy. She is loyal, social, great with children, and very affectionate. We are very proud to introduce her into our breeding program. 

Rogue Cook Chein Policier

Rouge is our fun loving Belgian Malinois. She is now 17 months old and full of energy. She loves running and playing with her best friend Meka and playing fetch with her toys. She is the daughter of Elivis and Barbel, who are owned by Vom Haus Hall (Alert K-9). We have started training her on bite work and she's a natural. We expect great things from her.


Deny z Malej Fatry


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