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Our pup, Blue, is now part of the Chicago Heights Park District Police Department.  He is doing great in the department and expecting him to continue in his work.

Go Big Blue!


"Roxy has been an amazing addition to our family! I was a little worried about having a baby in the floor with a new puppy but it was like she already knew she needed to be gentle with her. The bond between Roxy and my oldest daughter is one that we hoped for. Roxy loves her and hates to be separated from her. She sits outside her bedroom door and waits for her to come back. She also loves to see her come home from school. We couldn't ask for a better pup. Thank you Cook Farm Kennels for sharing your fur baby with us, we love her!!"

                                                                                     - Lauren              

And Now Kanon's Growing-Up!! 
Now he is 8 months old and is 95 pounds!!!

We just wanted to say thank you for our new pup, Kanon. He has been checked out by the vet who said he was both beautiful and in great health. Every where Kanon goes, he gets compliments from everyone who sees him and he just loves them all! He is so smart and his training is going well, he just wants to make us happy. Thanks again and God Bless!


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