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Why is Microchipping Important?


What is a Microchip?

     A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is encoded with a unique ID number that will be assigned to your pet.  No two microchip's have the same number. The microchip is placed between your puppies shoulder blades.  Implantation is quick, easy and virtually painless-similar to a vaccine injection.


How is a Microchip read?

     A microchip is not a tracking device.  It can only be "turned on" for a few seconds at a time by a handheld microchip scanner that is passed over the area the microchip is implanted to read the microchip's unique ID number.  Veterinarians and shelters have these scanners and use them to help lost pets all the time.

Why registering your pet's microchip is important.

     Registering your pet's microchip links your pet's ID to your name, phone numbers, emergency contacts and other vital information in their AKC Reunite's database.  When your lost pet is found, they can then immediately send you text messages, emails and begin contacting all the phone numbers on your pet's record to reunite you a quickly as possible.

     So please have your pet microchipped and take the time to register your pet with AKC Reunite at

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